An Unfortunate Incident in the Chapel

As its extremely cold in Sweden now and not much snow and its still school holiday, I talked my daughter into playing some ESO with me. So she created a nightblade and started immediately at lvl 4 to pickpocket people, housebreaking and steal stuff. After a while we ended up in the chapel and thought they looked distracted while praying so she went all in. Tho one visitor caught her! And started chasing her around waving his fists trying to kill her o.O
I could heal her but as long as she was in combat she couldnt flee from the chapel either. She tried stealth and everything but not possible. We almost laughed ourselves to death while this wild chase went on. And the other visitors got upset too! After a while we decided she had to kill the man as it wasnt possible to end it otherwise so she activated “kill innocents” and killed him. But then every chapel visitor went in a rage. One of them threw fireballs and it was totally chaos for a while :S
So she had to kill each and everyone of them and became mass murderer with a huge bounty on her head before we could leave the chapel with rosy cheeks of shame. We left dead bodies laying all over the floor, but at least they were in the chapel already, blessed im sure >.>

Yes thats mums little sweet girl <3 The same that knitted the reaper i have on my desk at work <3 She is ready for the next patch in ESO, Thieves guild and the one after that too, the Dark Brotherhood >.>


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7 Responses to An Unfortunate Incident in the Chapel

  1. Coppertopper says:

    lol! Sounds like some good old school Bethesda rpg moments. So what happened when you exoted? What was the bounty or did she get away from the guards?

  2. melbrankin says:

    very cool indeed – I wanted to do the thief on TESO but its very tough solo

    • Xannziee says:

      Yes it is! At least in the beginning. I had 1 in april 2014 and that was even worse mob wize. But now im focusing on pickpocketing, housebreaking and likewize so its another way to level now and tons of fun :D we save the king 1 day then we kill ppl in the pub next day x)

    • Xannziee says:

      Try to make a magicka thief then u can swap with a healing staf at lvl 15 when u get 2 bars. They make very good healers too… Mine is stamina spec tho :D

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