Dont Fear the Reaper

Not this one at least as its standing on my desktop at work. Isnt it cute? :O)
reaper2015-12-14 13.14.40
My daughter has created it and the Brown rat to the left at school. She was 12 when se did it (2 years ago). The warrior to the right is created in the same school by my son. Its even possible to remove the helmet too :D

Im so proud, not many moms has the Grim Reaper on their desk at work, with a blood soaked reaper in his hands too >.> I guess most parents has something cuddly and pink on their desks instead(?)

Wonder where they got these influences from? Not because I´v “forced” them to Group with me in Rift and ArcheAge pvp, or? :S

So what´s on your desk at work (or home)?


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2 Responses to Dont Fear the Reaper

  1. These are awesome – I totally applaud your parenting! :D
    My desk is usually a bit of a mess, but I do have 2 podcasting mics standing on it, a lulu figurine from FFX and an angry bird plushie ^^ also: WoW mousepad and diablo mouse!

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