ArcheAge – Dressed For Success?

When I visited ArcheAge the other day I got invited to a guild. Its created by some former friends and Im looking forward to hit some more dungeons with them any day. We even did a couple of lower lvl dungeons this sunday *yay* tho I hadnt a clue what i was doing >.> Even though i I prolly will spend most of my gaming time in ESO, I will try to play both games. At least casual. I want to keep in touch with my old AA friends too :)

I was bored with my old clothes (pic down) as i had been wearing them for months! (Yes I wash them ;) I needed a new look to start all over, I couldnt live with myself like this. I met one of my old friends and he looked great so I decided to “let my hair down” and upgrade my wardrobe :D
So as i got some coins (celestial Player appreciation coins) I could buy new clothes and a new battle pet too! Look how cute she is!:
The costume was a bit.. revealing… as always in ArcheAge >.> I was wondering about the gravity, it doesnt seem to be any gravity in ArcheAge when u look at that top(?) This is Korean fashion…. ^^

But my shopping spree didnt end here. I also bought myself a 1 hand healing club and created a templar. We will see how this goes. Templar in ArcheAge is not as fun to play as Templar in ESO, far from. But its easier to survive in pvp as a healer this way… I havent played templar in AA so far so its all new to me. My main healing spec is Soothsayer with a 2 hand club and kiting to survive :D When I need to grind alone I change to Dreadnaught instead, with no healing whatsoever.

So will this “make over” be enough to find my way back to this game? At least to play for fun, casually? Time will tell. It sure felt good today anyho. Thanks to you my new/old guildies <3 (I will try to lure them to ESO too u know ;)

Sorry about the picture quality on the 2 first pics as I was running the game on an old computer the graphic was a bit meh. The last pic is taken on my main computer.

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2 Responses to ArcheAge – Dressed For Success?

  1. Syl says:

    These costumes are ludicrous =D but I am glad you’re enjoying yourself, hehe!

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