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A new adventure – ArcheAge launch date is set

I read a very good blog recently about when its “too late” to join a game and I cant for my life find it to link it here (help! Comment if you know which 1 im talking about). I have … Continue reading

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ArcheAge – whats next?

 The last day of the beta I had only 1 hour after work to play so I didnt do much but exploring and doing some quest. I was hoping to get my melee weapons back but I didnt. I lost … Continue reading

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Vanity in ArcheAge

    I felt like Pippi Longstocking in my hair so I went to the stylist and changed to a more mature style. But that doesnt mean im flirting (I never do as u know ;) So dont even try … Continue reading

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Chicken fever in ArcheAge

 My “gamer DNA” said I was a killer. But that was before I started playing ArcheAge. Gack! Those chickens drives me nuts D:  (winks at guild friend in Rift; Riothechicken) And I cant help myself I just want to feed them … Continue reading

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Which game is this?

 This is Xannzia but not in Rift but in another game I play. Which one? :):)

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I love Rift but…

….sometimes the servers are down and then I have to play Defiance instead *sob* Its a hard life with grumpy old men bullying me 24/7. I get all dizzy.. I amused myself the other day by making different toons. The … Continue reading

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We Dont Talk

We dont talk, we only kill each other? Excellent blog by a guild friend of mine. From last posting: “ Is this the game that we want? Some might say “well you can still talk if you want”. Ok sure, we can. … Continue reading

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Lost in Defiance land

 A friend of mine wanted to try Defiance (by Trion) so I created a char. Then I ran around Defiance tutorial map and searched for my friend. He searched for me with no luck either. So we thought maybee its because … Continue reading

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Dont (always) blame it on a premade

 I met Tani in our guild dimension the other day. She dropped by to admire my new and colorchanged dress, purple ofc ;) Tani and I are prolly among the slowest levelers in the guild. We are more interested in being … Continue reading

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A Suicide Mission in Meridian

A guild friend, Wolfkin, lured me to Stillmore to kill some “endless guards” or something for our guild quest. Of course I couldnt say no. Asap when I arrived he turned me into a sheep >:( Been there done that… … Continue reading

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