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Friends and battle pets in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (BDO) is a game you can play single if you want to. A lot of ppl do. I do play a lot of my own too but as soon as I see a friend online I try … Continue reading

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Waiting for the next patch

The last 2 weeks has been rather slow as I have had the flu and been rather sick for a while. No energy for any serious gaming, rather just cuddle my friends and their pets (as Xelexs icebear cub above … Continue reading

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Swimming around – Lake of Solace

When I reached about lvl 140 in fishing I seemed to get stuck and the bar didnt move so I realised I had to move on. Lake of solace was the next step obviously: http://rift.junkiesnation.com/2012/04/20/fishing-location-guide/ This guide is brilliant but as … Continue reading

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My new Role in The Rift

 I bought a new role the other day – 1 healer soul with 2 support so now I count as support. Click the pic to see it larger. I love that action pic :D OMG how hard it is to … Continue reading

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What is there to do in The Rift?

I have seen this question a number of times in the forum and even  from people who are 50+ level. If you only level by instant adventures, dungeons and rifts u will level fast but you may miss something too. … Continue reading

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