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For the Covenant!

“I died, but that was only the beginning …. I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was … Continue reading

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Friends and battle pets in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (BDO) is a game you can play single if you want to. A lot of ppl do. I do play a lot of my own too but as soon as I see a friend online I try … Continue reading

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Speed leveling in ArcheAge

To level in ArcheAge as a patron after last updates feels a bit strange. First time i leveled more than 1 year ago it took ages and I did almost every quest in every zone. Now the leveling pace has speeded … Continue reading

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ArcheAge – Dressed For Success?

When I visited ArcheAge the other day I got invited to a guild. Its created by some former friends and Im looking forward to hit some more dungeons with them any day. We even did a couple of lower lvl dungeons … Continue reading

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Love in Elderscrolls Online

My battle pet and my dog in #TESOTU the other day <3 Who wanna buy a puppy? :`)

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ArcheAge f2p today

Today tuesday ArcheAge will go Free To Play and Im afraid you will need some patience to stand in queu… Even tho Trion has opened new servers yesterday they filled up asap. I could actually play a little this monday … Continue reading

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A Lazy Summer

“Not So Lazy Summer” is an achievement in Rifts summer event 2014. Me and my raptor pet “Pepparkakan” (Ginger bisquit(?) in english, a typical swedish bisquit) in Meridian. Read more about the event here: http://riftgrate.com/2014/07/02/summerfest-rift-store-items/ Its quite fun actually, most of … Continue reading

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Crocodile Fever

Yesterday, in my first pvp game for the day, a member in my team had a little baby croc. I got envious because it was supercute and I wanted it as I also have a biggie croc mount. (They say the croc … Continue reading

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