The Needy Clingy Obsessive Stalker me

Murf vs writes about that never ending topic; what´s keeping us in a mmo and why we quit playing. About progression and achievements in game to keep us going infinitely.
I wanted to answer him but my answer got too long so I moved it here:)

We are all different. Iv come to realise the main reason that I game is because I want to spend time with people I like and are having fun with. Next reason is for the adventure and excitement but they knit together. Im a very social being I guess. I dont like to watch TV either, its too passive so gaming are more suitable for me when i want to relax and kill some hours of my life :)

The achievements and progression in game are less important for me. I just try to progress enough to be able to play with my friends. The day I cant play with my friends is probably the day I quit…
ESO this friday with my guild in Imperial City

Its also my friends who gets me back in a game Iv left. As in ArcheAge. This weekend i had decided to sell my Thatched farmhouse and quit the subscription. I have emptied all chests and cleaned out my inventory. Then one of my old friends contacted me and invited me to his new guild…So, being me, I didnt quit that day obviously:):)

I met up with some old friends again and I was so happy to see them I almost cried (good thing i was behind my desktop :´) I thought we´d lost contact permanently.

I really like my guild in ESO too (which is also my gaming community) so I will have to play both games, but on a fun, casual level. As this friday I started in ESO with my guild, having loads of fun in Imperial City. After i died a few times I lost them and couldnt find my way back. Im still a bit shy in ESO as I dont know ppl that well yet in my guild but im always that way in the beginning when i meet new ppl:)
ArcheAge this friday with some friends in GHA dungeon

So I relogged to ArcheAge and the adventure continued. I feel privileged right now <3 As a game, I do like ESO more, but AA is a ok game too if you just use it the right way… its easy to burn out in a sandbox.

So its almost exclusively my friends who keeps me in game. I guess that is one of the challenges for gaming companies. Ppl like me who doesnt have time for endless grinding but still wants to meet up and play with their friends in game. How to make it possible to keep up so we dont feel left out? We often work a lot so we have money to spend, just not the time to grind…
Eljest and me in ArcheAge with his handsomesauze bunny mount ^^

And to spend a reasonable amount of money, like a sub maybee (or rather buy to play as in ESO!) and some stuff from the in game shop. Not “pay to win” as in ArcheAge where ppl have to spend their monthly salary to keep up… Anyho now I have a small guild in AA where ppl are like me and it seems also in ESO so maybee problem solved for me this time:)

So with risk of sounding like a needy clingy obsessive stalker; “The day I cant play with my friends is probably the day I quit the game”

Credits, Murf VS



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2 Responses to The Needy Clingy Obsessive Stalker me

  1. I think there should be an MMO where people don’t level up. The gameplay could focus on earning credits by working jobs, and hanging out with friends in areas that require those credits.

    It might seem counter-intuitive to work in a game (even though leveling up is a lot of work in itself), but I think a consumer hangout-driven game would work well for a large group of people. I say that is because I agree with you that MMOs are more fun with friends, but not everyone can keep up with their friends’ progress. I work. My friends work. Our leisure time shouldn’t be dictated by the level of our characters.

    An MMO that focuses on earning credits and enjoying the in-game world (example: chopping lumber and transporting it to the other side of the map) would be more preferable to me than a fantasy RPG game when playing online with friends. Again, it’s not because I don’t enjoy leveling up, but I want the focus to be enjoying the time I spend with friends. If my friends aren’t online, I can work to earn money. Maybe I’ll pay for us both to enjoy an in-game horse-ride to the top of a legendary mountain, and that will be how we spend our next in-game outing together.

    The developers would earn my money my creating interesting locations. I’d feel gratified knowing that I earned enough in-game money to pay for an in-game vacation, and my friend (who has been working so hard in real life) will gladly accept my gift of a mountain-climbing horse-riding adventure to the top of that big mountain we always see in the distance.

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