The matter of female Armor in Games

This is what I wear atm in ArcheAge, well its a costume and Its quite nice looking with gorgeous details. Hm..covers some of the body at least… But the armor underneath is about the same style. And here is the costume i wore before this 1:
Quite exciting “under boob” stuff here ;) And dont forget, add boob physics to this… This is Korean game fashion ^^ The Armor/costumes in ESO are quite different:
In ESO you can costumize the char more than in AA (where u cant customise body at all) In ESO you can change it all like boobs, hips, belly etc. I didnt want crazy big boobies on my templar lady so I made them quite natural looking. Tho I have heard some complaints about that fact ;) Anyho im good with this. In the next pic I wear a weird mix of cloth and plate (tho cloth is my main choise as I often go as healer:
As u can see not much skin here ;) When I had a court duty with my alt in ArcheAge the other day ppl looked like this (and this is totally normal in ArcheAge and im sure the bikini chicks are guys irl ;):
While in ESO casual dresses looks like this (my sorceress to left):
Im sure a lot of you finds this style boring ;) Tho I can assure you the game is good enough to play even if ppl wear (too much?) clothes.

But when will males wear as “smexy” costumes as Females in Games? :P
As you may have noticed I have no moral issues or no issues at all about the “hot stuff” female armor in games. For me it´s fantasy games and If some guys (or girls!) haz a happy about the smexy style I dont dissaprove. Its ok for me, and I can haz a giggle:) Like irl when women (like me Im afraid ^^) use the “cleavage test” to see if the guy is worth continue dating…. ;)

For me its more important to have a variety of armor/costumes and be able to change colours and stuff. Its “just” a game and we are supposed to have fun:)) So how important is armor and costumes 4 u?

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4 Responses to The matter of female Armor in Games

  1. wolfyseyes says:

    See, costuming and outfits in a game are always a weird topic for me. On the one hand, sure, okay, fantasy titles and fantasy titties are always a thing. We can all pretty much blame Conan for this one. But at the same time, as a roleplayer, it is REALLY hard for me to convince myself as well as others that I’m a character of power or finesse or terror when my avatar’s squishy bobs are flouncing around like a bouncy castle in a minor earthquake.

    Female power being tied to their ability to display their body shape has always been a weird line to toe for me. It’s undeniable that those shapes hold a power…but there’s also a point where it becomes less about advantage and more about perpetuating a stupid idea that T&A = the only function of a heroine.

  2. Syl says:

    I think nobody is against variety; for me, the problem is discriminating armor that’s super-sexy for female characters only. If there’s sexy armors, there should be sexy armors for male characters too and there should also be unsexy armor for both genders. Then I’m happy. ;)

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