Along came Polly…

My real life demands more of my attention atm so I have to cut down a bit on my gaming. As in farming less in ArcheAge… it just takes too much time to sustain farming and crafting in that game atm :/
So I focus on things that doesnt demand as much of my time and things I can leave and pick up a bit easier on short notice. Like leveling and grouping for more casual pvp and pve in ESO. ESO is a lot easier to maintain if you have less time than ArcheAge.

So miss Polly Ester, the nightblade lady, appeared conveniently for the coming thieves guild DLC and The Dark Brotherhood after that. (Inspired by the turmoil her friends caused in the chapel the other day im afraid x) She is tons of fun and full of mischief. She had some problems in the beginning tho, but as she managed to get a full set of crafted medium armor she is doing a lot better now (with some help from the guild thank youu!:)
Polly is a distant cousin to the angelic healer Tillbakakaka and gives her a lot of headache and has cost her a lot of money to bail out of jail…. But she is quickly earning her own money now while pickpocketing drunks outside the pub and house breaking. I guess every family has a black sheep (?) >.>

When she rescued the king the other day she got quite a good reputation but i wonder what the king would think if he knew….


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