My Failure as a Thief

I have had troubles with lockpicking doors and opening chests in Elder Scrolls Online since the beginning but I could at least manage “simple” and “intermediare” locks. “Advanced” was impossible…. I just thought i was useless at it until the other day when I started to open a chest while my daughter sat next to me.  -What are you doing mum?? she exclaimed.  -Why are you doing it so complicated?? o.O Then she laughed her head off…
I was like ???? And she showed me (she has only briefly played the game earlier). I was like “doh” >.< So suddenly it was very easy to lockpick advanced locks too as Iv been doing it the hard way all the time iv had a lot of practise :0)

(I wont even try to explain how I did it before….).

Next DLC is the Thieves Guild so this will come in handy I guess…


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2 Responses to My Failure as a Thief

  1. wolfyseyes says:

    Oh man, I am SO BAD at lockpicking in this game. Seriously. Suuuuuper bad.

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