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Create an alt and take the Stairway to Heaven

I got the question why I created an alt on the US servers. That is quite simple. For a long time I have had G+ friends and blog friends who has been on the US servers and I havent been … Continue reading

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Xan Goes West

 So im back where I started sort of, with an elf rogue. But on a US server this time.  And Seastone of all servers so this will prolly be a gank party, waves to “slipawayassassins” ;) This pic is from … Continue reading

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Invited to ArcheAge

 Thank you Trion for the invite <3 I really really REALLY want to try this but right now I have chaos in my real life as a close relative is very sick and in emergency care. So I guess I … Continue reading

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Does my butt look big in this?

… it obviously does…. As I was bored waiting for Trion to fix this XP issue I rolled a new char, a warrior, to have something to do while waiting. Warrior is the only calling I havent tried so far. … Continue reading

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Slow down Trion

Argh!! I just read in Riftgrate about the “improvements” of patron status and vials now active 24/7. Hu huh, im sure everyone except me loves this idea (everyone that is patron that is…). My problem is that I DONT WANT to … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not kill

Oii a friend of mine killed a player in a Warfront in The Rift and now he is up to his neck in revengefullness and she is waiting for FBI to turn up, or Trion to delete her account D: After … Continue reading

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A Lazy Summer

“Not So Lazy Summer” is an achievement in Rifts summer event 2014. Me and my raptor pet “Pepparkakan” (Ginger bisquit(?) in english, a typical swedish bisquit) in Meridian. Read more about the event here: Its quite fun actually, most of … Continue reading

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Crocodile Fever

Yesterday, in my first pvp game for the day, a member in my team had a little baby croc. I got envious because it was supercute and I wanted it as I also have a biggie croc mount. (They say the croc … Continue reading

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