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Level 50 Hero

At last my DragonKnight, who started his adventure first week in september, has reached level 50. And voilá 315 champion points instantly :D I took its time but its worth it. He will be the one who continues to pick … Continue reading

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ESO – One Tamriel First Impression

Originally posted on Drakulus:
Imagine my surprise when I looked at the clock last night and realized I had put 8 straight hours in ESO without realizing it.  ESO’s One Tamriel patch fixed the biggest problem that the struggling MMO…

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Shared: One Tamriel, a game changer

This is why I dont have time to blog. The game has become too good. Cant stop playing… 😜 #ESO One Tamriel: A game changer – Pic my own; my lvl 40 dragon knight

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My Virtual Diary

My virtual life is just an extension of my real life. I have found a way to build bridges to friends in real life and trying not to let my gaming take too much time either. To find the balance … Continue reading

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