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My Virtual Diary

My virtual life is just an extension of my real life. I have found a way to build bridges to friends in real life and trying not to let my gaming take too much time either. To find the balance … Continue reading

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The Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated to the Creative Blogger Award by Missy Sparks in the Horizon I met Missy in Rift 2014 as we were guildies. She is a gorgeous sparkling lady so I Think she named her blog accurately :P So this award comes with a few … Continue reading

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A Friend to Count on

“Do not chase people. Work hard and be you. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay. Do your thing.” That is very true about relations and friendship. Jariel (we level together in ESO … Continue reading

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The Wild Goose Chase – Speed Leveling

I feel sorry for people who feel pressure to level fast, because they miss out a lot. We are all different and maybee the speed is what makes them feel good about themselves. But I have noticed that speed leveling … Continue reading

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There is No Resurrection in Real Life

I got a telephone call my father was about to die, and symbolically I died in game as I went blank for a while. My guild isnt used to me dying in the Library, as im a healer, so my group were baffled. I didnt have … Continue reading

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Which game is this?

 This is Xannzia but not in Rift but in another game I play. Which one? :):)

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Invited to ArcheAge

 Thank you Trion for the invite <3 I really really REALLY want to try this but right now I have chaos in my real life as a close relative is very sick and in emergency care. So I guess I … Continue reading

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A Lazy Summer

“Not So Lazy Summer” is an achievement in Rifts summer event 2014. Me and my raptor pet “Pepparkakan” (Ginger bisquit(?) in english, a typical swedish bisquit) in Meridian. Read more about the event here: Its quite fun actually, most of … Continue reading

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A nekkid man on a squirrel

NBI Blogger is a great initiative but I dont feel I belong as I dont take my blogging serious enough. Recently they wanted their members to write their worst – or a “not so good” article and then publish it. … Continue reading

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