Torn Between ArcheAge and ESO

Lately as I started playing ArcheAge again, I have less time for ESO and I miss it so much. And ArcheAge eats a lot of my time with all farming and stuff to go with it.

Its not easy to play 2 mmo at the same time. Or is it? If you manage to go between 2 mmos please share your strategy with me cos im desperate!

I love my old friends and small guild in ArcheAge and I have so much fun with my guild Swedish Legion in ESO too. They are extremely fun and easy going to play with! But I work full time and has to clean the house… at least now and then >.>

I just cant choose between them, is there any solution to this dilemma? >.<

pic from ArcheAge

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13 Responses to Torn Between ArcheAge and ESO

  1. Compwhiz 3001 says:

    On the few occasions I played 2 MMOs simultaneously, I always had a dominant one that I mostly played. The other was a side distraction. Unless you have far too much free time, devoting yourself fully to 2 MMOs would be challenging, to say the least.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank you…. I was afraid that might be the case. I had a faint hope someone would come up with a miraculous solution to my problem. But i guess thay was wishful thinking :0)

  2. Eric Viljoen says:

    I have the same problem choosing between ESO and AA. I actually stopped playing AA for a few months (and lost my properties!) but came back to it recently. At least for the time being I enjoy it more because there is just more to do. Of course now I’m quite far behind with gear.

    ESO is easier to put away for a month or two – you lose nothing really and with champion points being capped soon you won’t fall behind much.

    I do agree, you can’t possibly play both with a full-time job. I’ll probably switch between the two every few months.
    AA for activities, guild, sooo much to do.
    ESO better community, better pvp, got RL friends playing this.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thanks for your comment! I think I agree with you about both AA and ESO. And im sad to say I have to play each game at a time, not both of them simultaneously…. :/ Ill try tho to log in and chat a bit in both games regularly and maybee do a quest or 2 and some crafting. Atm ArcheAge is dominating my free time. But for how long? time will tell… the problem is I have awesome guilds in both games and I dont want to lose either of them :/

  3. melbrankin says:

    In the same boat, actually I have so many boats im in I cant work out what to play most days! Fortunately I have almost no time to game so its kinda moot!

    I would love to be able to sink a good amount of time into “THE” game but Im yet to find it hehe.

    AA is a lot of fun but solo it runs out of steam for me about 20ish – same with ESO, I dont know why I try and solo mmo;s, something about being unreliable and playing at weird times.

  4. I currently play 4 MMOs. And some of them DEFINITELY sit by the way-side compared to some others. But for me, it’s about alternating my nights, or prioritizing certain events. I can usually fit in three of them throughout the week. Right now, I’ve been prioritizing WildStar because of the holidays. My weekend was devoted to mainly FFXIV, and this coming week TSW releases Halloween, so there will be major time dedicated there.

    I guess overall it comes down to what you’re wanting to play! If you miss ESO, maybe set aside some time to play it. Figure out what things you can put aside in AA to make some time for ESO. :)

    • Xannziee says:

      You are right, I think I can pull that off too. I actually started yesterday after a guildie in ESO suggested someting similar. And it feels good. Focusing on certain events and quality time with my guildies. I just have to be more time effective:):)

  5. Oliver says:

    I’m wondering now 2017 which one ESO and AA has come out on top; I am wanting to come back to AA after being a founder at launch and I would be lying if I didn’t say AA has always held my interest. Open world, farming, player housing, creative mounts, gliding, imaginative costumes, player trading and economy plus risk everything I love. However the griefing, the gear cap really turns me off also the community and the fact that none of my irl friends play it anymore, and the disadvantages as a solo player AA comes with.

    Now I’ve been doing alot of research and ESO looks amazing, and i do love the elder scrolls franchise, also thieves guild, dark brotherhood just is my play style. I have enough funds to focus one game and well time aswell. So here is the crux of it all which one do I go for?

    So now it’s 2017 and the question is with enough time that has passed which one do I invest my time in; just to reiterate I have never played ESO before so it would be buying a new game. Thoughts anyone?

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