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Elder Scrolls Online – best MMO of 2015

I agree with all my heart <3 Credits:

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Letting go of Healing

I recognize this feeling….Tis extremely stressful at times and u often feel insufficient. Its very easy to burn out as a healer. I still enjoy healing but I love to dps/tank now and then for a change. Tho the only … Continue reading

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Me and Molag Bal

Originally posted on The Iron Dagger:
 Minor spoilers for the Elder Scrolls Online main story below. I’ll say this much for TESO – call it a themepark, but it’s got the most vein-pumping, tooth-and-nail story bossfights I’ve encountered in any…

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Picked up in ArcheAge

So after more than 5 hours queu this friday I logged in to ArcheAge to see to my garden and do some hardcore ( as if…) leveling. But the gods always have something else in mind for me it seems. … Continue reading

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Chicken fever in ArcheAge

 My “gamer DNA” said I was a killer. But that was before I started playing ArcheAge. Gack! Those chickens drives me nuts D:  (winks at guild friend in Rift; Riothechicken) And I cant help myself I just want to feed them … Continue reading

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I love Rift but…

….sometimes the servers are down and then I have to play Defiance instead *sob* Its a hard life with grumpy old men bullying me 24/7. I get all dizzy.. I amused myself the other day by making different toons. The … Continue reading

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The curse of the gaming backlog

Originally posted on mrluvvaluvva:
Chances are if you’re reading this article you are an avid and active gamer but take a second and think, how many games do you own? Now you have a rough figure, think some more…how many…

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I reached Level 60 and I feel lost

Early morning I was killing monsters in The Dendrome when I suddenly hit level 60. im sure you recognize the feeling when u have reached a goal and instead of feeling content  you feel empty? Like “what  now? I know … Continue reading

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Im almost there…

 Today I spent the morning grinding in The Dendrome and later helping a friend to Storm Legion. We had a lot of fun doing IA and stuff. So now Im here (look at the bar!!), 1 small bar left to … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

and Im a jester…. I got this gift from Trion today: Hu uh smexy me. And right after that I entered Ashora and of course the monsters didnt take me seriously so they died happy laughing. I removed my hat … Continue reading

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