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The Nord who became a High Elf

My teen son started play TESOTU (Elderscrolls Online) in beta early 2014 and played for a while at the launch as I did. (we both used my account back then). But we quit as the game was a bit “unforgiving” at the … Continue reading

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The Less Fortunate Stone Arrow

Dnl is one of our most skilled ow pvp damage dealers but no one knows who´s under the helmet. He never takes it off >.> I always feel safer with him in the group and he has saved mah butt numerous … Continue reading

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Create an alt and take the Stairway to Heaven

I got the question why I created an alt on the US servers. That is quite simple. For a long time I have had G+ friends and blog friends who has been on the US servers and I havent been … Continue reading

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Xan Goes West

 So im back where I started sort of, with an elf rogue. But on a US server this time.  And Seastone of all servers so this will prolly be a gank party, waves to “slipawayassassins” ;) This pic is from … Continue reading

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