Trion Fangirl #Rift

As everyone knows the update 2.7 is here and it has exceeded at least my expectations. Ok there are a few bugs but thats always the case with a big update. This is major really. I havent had so much fun in Rift as the 2 last days since… i dont remember actually but it must have been in a raid with my guild. Common Instant adventures was quite boring and too easy before and has suddenly become real adventures.
After the update the IA is a lot more difficult than before and a big challenge depending on which group u join. The difference is that u join the largest group available and that means you can be like 5 levels lower that the monsters. Before this IA was quite easy and you could run around by yourself and kill stuff. Forget that. You have to stay with the group and cooperate otherwise u are dead :D:D (Well that depends on the level u are compare to the mobs of course).
In the last 2 days of IA iv ended up in Stillmore and i started at level 45 but the mobs was about 50 all of them. Huge mobs! It was totally insane but extremely exciting. Then i came to Shimmersand and our raid leader was lvl 50 so ofc the monsters was about the same ^^ Iv never died so many times in a IA :):) But never had so much fun either. Thank you Trion for this update and I havent even tried the new souls yet!!!! :D:D

And its so awesomesauze fun to play this cleric! She has good armor and survivability. So its a brand new experience for me to be in the middle of the fight and see it to the end. Im used to taking a coffee with the healer while the others fight :O) The mage suits players who need a challenge, not for a newbie to mmo like me. I truly admire you who can run a mage successfully :)

Afterwards I had to lie down in my dimension for a while before logging just to cool down :):) When i was fishing the other day i got a new bed in a treasure box so I placed it outside my house under the trees. Wonderful to sleep in open air and luckily I have no mosquitos on my dim either  ;)

There is a lot more to this update than I have mentioned here, crafting UI and stuff but I stop here for now – remember; Stay alive!

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5 Responses to Trion Fangirl #Rift

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    So happy ur enjoying ur cleric so much! Yey!

  2. Khortish says:

    I tried getting into Mage myself but just haven’t quite figured the rotations/priorities out yet. Got two Level 60 Clerics though :P Love Clerics and the variety they bring – although I guess with the 2.7 souls the other classes have gotten it more or less evened out.

    • Xannziee says:

      Mage yes, I end up in “spell power hell” all the time:):) maybee u need to be rocket scientist to run them :P
      Aaah 2 clerics! I love them too but I also dream of an asassin rogue…. next time maybee…. xo

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