My Early Impression of Black Desert Online

I havent played much lately so im only level 15 in Black Desert Online and you level quite fast in this game. The weather irl has been too nice to stare at a screen this easter weekend. So far im still confused even though Im starting to “see the light in the tunnel” so to speak ;) My early impression of the game is that BDO is very similar to ArcheAge with its sandbox features, cash shop, trade runs, grinding and pay to win but it has a lot of advantages which makes it a winner for me:

It is buy to play and has no sub
The world is beautyful beyond comparison
The combat is about aiming, not tab targeting
Dynamic quests and a nice questline
No lucky chests in the cash shop so far(?)
4 chars/account sharing the same family name
The housing is amazing!
A lot of fun minigames in the game

I appreciate that we cant build our houses, rather rent them in world. Because the houseing areas in ArcheAge was a eye sore. Housing areas in BDO are already built into the world and therefor fits in perfectly.

As im too new to be able to fully compare, i cant say how much RNG will affect crafting for example. And of course there are tons of stuff I have missed so I will have to redo this posting later on. RNG from hell was one thing that put me off crafting armor in ArcheAge for example. But as Black Desert has no sub I wont be as sensitive about stuff like that here as I was in ArcheAge, I think. ArcheAge gave me the feeling i was only a cash cow and even if i payed my monthly sub It didnt give me much more than the ability to own a house. And that wasnt enough to make me stay.
Pic: cash shop “p2w” “armor” in BDO :P

My goal in BDO is to develop a skill like horse breeding, fishing or something and just be able to have fun in the world even though I only play casually (as I have to work and have a family). I will buy stuff from the cash shop too, as im vain :0) but I do appreciate that I can play without a sub. That will probably make me stay a long time in this game as I will stay in Elder Scrolls Online too by the same reason.

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3 Responses to My Early Impression of Black Desert Online

  1. maybe I will join you there, how much is the buy in??

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