Its me!

Im Xannziee, well that´s my nick, and I started this blog as sort of a diary over my online life. January 2014 I started playing my first MMO (well i tried Entropia- Arkadia for a short while before that but I never felt at home in that world). A friend of mine had been playing Lotro (Lord of the rings online) for years so I decided to try that and in fact liked it.

Soon after that another friend took me to The Rift and I got totally hooked! My goal is to try to follow my avatars adventures, and im sure some more… So bear with me because im a total newbie in these worlds and u might get a laugh or 2 out of this :)
In real life im a very ordinary person working as an administrator, love my kids (teens) and my dogs. I´v always been into fantasy and Sci-fi so thats why I love these games too I guess.

Update: In august 2014 I moved on to ArcheAge but quit after a year when the game felt too grindy and boring. So no more Korean cash shop grindy MMO! Since may 2015 i play ESO again and enjoying myself immensely! Its a wonderful mmo <3

In march 2016 i started 2 play a new game, Black Desert Online….another Korean sandbox.. But that didnt last long. Back in ESO 100% again >.>
pic from marsh 2016 ;)

Im not much of an achiever, more a socialiser and explorer, so I have problems with the usual mmo objectives like:

Why do you farm 100 tokens? – To gain an achievement.
What does the achievement say? – That I should farm 100 tokens

But im working on it ^^
Quote from: Completionism no thanks

A warm welcome to Seven Days A Week as i named my blog because these MMO worlds are so exciting I would easily play several hours every day If i could get away with it :O)


11 Responses to Its me!

  1. I have a Samsung phone too :-)

  2. Really? No need for vent? tell me more oh wise one :-)

  3. NODDND says:

    ur a milf!

  4. I didn’t say it because it sounded crass, but I was thinking it. I concur

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