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-I promise I only visit my friends in ArcheAge, dont be upset:)

I still have some friends in AA who is dedicated to that realm. I want them in ESO but I suspect they will be the last ones left in AA when they close the servers. I accept they have found their home in the metaverse and its ArcheAge :):) So I downloaded the game one more time to be able to visit them now and then:) AA is totally confusing to me as usual. When I visit AA I miss ESO even if its just for a short while. Elder Scrolls Online has really got under my skin >.>

And it has a lot to do with my guild Swedish Legion. We have so much fun doing pvp, dungeons and trials together or just hangin in TS while questing or crafting. To find a nice guild and friends to play with is what makes the difference in an mmo, for me anyho. And enough ppl so its possible to do content together of course.

But if i didnt have anyone to play with I would still play ESO and not ArcheAge or any other mmo. Because ESO is great to play alone too and not many mmo have that kind of quality. Brilliant questing, 1 man dungeons, group finder, pvp, crafting and tons of achievements for solo players.And the graphic quality…

The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™

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Don´t mess with our Elder Scroll

Most fridays Swedish Legion is hanging around in Cyrodiil, the huge pvp area, for some fun and relaxation. Its sort of a tradition. Mostly in the Haderus campaign. It was fun as usual even though the blue team (Daggerfall Covenant) was under some pressure.

The great thing about pvp in ESO is that you can attend pvp in Cyrodiil from lvl 10 already. You will be scaled to max lvl. So everyone can join:)

The pic is from when “the blue team” had taken the scroll back from the enemy alliance:

This Sunday we will go for 12 man trials, I hope i dont miss that:)

Read on: Cyrodiil wiki

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One Tamriel – The Future

In Cyrodiil the other day: “Will the zerg discover me if I AFK here?”
One Tamriel is on its way and you dont need to be in Cyrodiil to duel anymore. This and much much more. I´m so excited :D

Read on:
Tamriel Infinium 

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Raiding Friday with Swedish Legion

This friday we started as we often do, down in the sewers of Imperial City (pvp and pve). Jonken and Waitsen entertained us dancing on the pillars to boost the raid. We ran around killin Molag and different bosses for a while (and some yellows too ^^). We lost some stones on the way home as we were split up. I ran into a flag boss and got insta killed and someone got ganked but we got most of the loot back to base anyho and my focus is first to have fun, second the stones:):)

It was friday and most of us was at least a tiny bit sloshed ;) Despite that one of the officers, Jolla, suggested we should do a proper trial instead as we were a full group. So why not? We started in Hel Ra Citadel…
I was sure we were going to wipe as Iv had a glass of wine and was supposed to keep ppl alive :S But it went smooth, even if someone had brought a swine who tried to be focused in my fancy and heroic pics (almost not visible in the pic above though) >.>
So after finishing Hell Ra successfully we decided to go for Aetherian Archives:
We did that without many casualties too! Both was first time for me as healer but the group was solid so no problems (and we had 2 healers).
After this i decided to hug my pillow while some of the others continued the adventure:):) I had so much fun this friday I didnt want to sleep :(

The Aetherian archive is a gorgeous place and it was a nice way to celebrate friday evening in that place with the best guild ever <3

Link: Swedish Legion

Link: Hel Ra Citadel

Link: Aetherian Archives

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For the Covenant!

“I died, but that was only the beginning ….
I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity. I need to find a weapon. There are a number of racks nearby. I should have plenty of options.” ~ ESO Wiki

This monday Lyris found a dark, pale eyed Dunmer in a cell in The Wailing prison in Coldharbor. First thing he said was “For the Covenant” when he woke up. Strange, as he obviously is a Dunmer? But he has lost both his soul and his memory so until he can recall what he´s been up to before the prison we can be fairly sure he was living in Daggerfall Covenant somewhere…

He also has a strange accent, sounding like a mix of cockney and south African english. But he is quite chatty and social, not at all introvert and cold like Dunmers have a reputation to be. Not very “dunmerish” at all quite frankly. He seems all cheerful, flirtatious and happy going. Anyho (or maybee that´s why? ;) Lyris took him under her wings and fast enough he got out of his prison.

He was a bit confused in the beginning, starting fires all around Cold Harbor. So she gave him a suitable nickname (“The Fire fighter”, but in Swedish ;) I guess you know by now he is a Dragonknight and a Fire Mage >.>

Eventually he ended up in Glenumbra, got a shower, some armor and voila, not bad! :D
In the pics above he is celebrating his freedom with a glass of wine outside the crafting
station along with his “good for nothing” but cute pet, Birdie Nam Nam. I suspect one of his goals is to be tanking in endgame but that is far far away at his present level (7ish). Although u have to have something to strive for. Im suspect he will mess up major but as he is member of the nicest guild around, Swedish Legion, im sure they are “dying” to play dungeon with him ;)

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Soul Shriven again?

So what´s going on now?? Been there, done that or what??

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I left him on Ash Mountain..

My sons DK went after Molag Bal this friday 2 september and got him of course:) Molag was scaled down to his level, 46 so it was no problem for a macho DK man ;)
But the struggle wasnt over. He had to get to champion level at least. And he did the day after:
He changed clothes to his champ outfit, and I felt sad and a bit lost when I left him on Ash Mountain….I only promised I would take him to champion level, not higher. My guild wants me back in the covenant and this guy is dominion.

But im sure he is doing fine. He is a truly competent man and we have had tons of fun together these last levels. I will miss u Fire Mage :´)

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More Dots

DK harvest heart_20160901_224725
I have played less last days due to an inflammation in my elbow. So my sons DK has just dinged lvl 45 and I have unlocked some more abilities and has even more dots to monitor now @_@

But more damage now:):) I have changed structured Entropy for Inferno to morph it later to Flames of oblivion. I also use dark talons instead of Spiked armor, but i still flex now and then. This build has a very high survivability and i wonder if I can go for Molag before lvl 47? I havent gotten the main quest yet so maybee its not possible?

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The Fire Mage is on Fire

My son created this macho beer drinking dragonknight in ESO long time ago (he played a nightblade in Beta) and I have more or less used his last setup as I started playing it at lvl 36. In the beginning I was a bit unsure of myself and all (for me) new abilities. I was used to play a healer templar so I might have been too defensive in my playstyle. I needed someone to kick my ass!

When I reached the Molag Grunda quest in Cold Harbor I was a bit stressed due to RL so I hurried around the zone. That made me play extremely offensive and suddenly the build started to work for me and I got the flow. The char was lvl 43, ordinary gear and the mobs were 48 and 3-4 at a time but he chewed them down like a lawn mower.
Or was it me? I played him like i played my Hexblade in ArcheAge, not a defensive healer/support. It was like taking a cold shower and I felt refreshed afterwards and a bit high. Its remarkable how easy it is to get stuck in a role, both in game and in real life. We need to constantly question our roles and break free from unnecessary bonds we place on ourselves.

I admit, later on I got into some troubles with those lvl 49 harvesters though… >.<

This was excessively profound, I know. :S

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Just Do It

My son has always loved Skyrim and he started playing ESO in BETA. But he got tired of it as he is only into pvp and the amount of champion points some players had in low lvl pvp made it quite hard and especially all ganking from nightblades. He tried IC but gave up and quit. He is playing CS on a competitive level now instead.

So his poor dominion DK (magicka) was left at lvl 36 and I thought why not get it to lvl 50 at least! He has to get his soul back…. So I crafted some training gear and started to level this guy and his monkey the other day. It was quite hard in the beginning to start a DK at lvl 36 as iv never played this build before. But I got used to it and he soon hits lvl 41 now and im adamant to get him to Molag Bal.

I hope my son will return one day and play again. Until then I may try to make a tank of him. If i dare… but I may not >.>


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