What Santa Brought me in ArcheAge

My first guest after Christmas, Remenei, got a bit of a surprise when entering my house today. He even choked on his drink when he saw the painting Santa brought me this year >.>
Tho he soon calmed down and asked me to join him on a pirating trip…. ermm to carry his stolen trade packs half nekkid I guess? ^^ Well we shouldnt have that much fun in ArcheAge should we? :S
Actually there is a perfect sensible explanation to this painting. I was on a trade run with some friends from the guild the other day. I was bragging about my new outfit as it was my first gear iv crafted myself. First a jerkin then the breeches:
So Spybreak suggested I link them in chat so they could see the stats… Jerkin below, later fused both, I love fusing stuff and get a more unique look:):)
Air headed as I was (id prolly had some mulled wine as it was Christmas late evening or Christmas day (i dont remember) of course I did and there I was…. half nekkid with a pack on my back >.<
So Spybreak, in the goodness of his heart, sent me this picture as a christmas gift. And dont try to nudge him for a copy cost the crest stamp is destroyed (at least he claims it is… >.> )


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