The Swedish Nude Trend In ArcheAge

We have seen a new trend in our guild lately. Macho males are dressing off to do dungeons. It´s possibly a way to show off  – “I can do this without armor” thingie :P
(Pic 1 – Grunditz)

It started with Gravrot who dressed off involuntarily due to a glitch in GHA some months ago, he didnt even have panties on >.> Later on other males pursued it and it became a trend in Friskyttarna. (Pic 2 Ralf)
So maybee Serpentis nekkid is due next? Or even more hardcore, Kraken nekkid in rowboats? We can develop this even further I think. Why not run Halcyona war nekkid, or a nude group in Hasla? :O)

Tjuvkil is not in a dungeon in this pic but on his way im sure ;)
U dont make it any easier for a poor female healer. Or is this a strategy to lure me to join the group so you´ll get more heals? >.>


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