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I read one of my favourite blogs – Healing the masses by sweet Eri the other day. She seem a bit interested in playing Elder Scrolls Online again:
Because of Imperial City of course. It will be very interesting to follow her because I havent tried it myself yet, only been questing in the old zones. Eri says they have talked about housing in ESO, that would be so amazing! ESO is my dream place to live my virtual life in <3
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After I read that I discovered her latest posting:
The Gaming Nest!
OMG It´s so awesum! I like when people are sharing at least small bits and pieces of their real life now and then. Not that im a stalker, its just that its nice to see glimpses of the real person behind the virtual. But I can do without ofc. Its just awesumsauze so thank u for sharing :)

My own “nest” is so boring in comparison tho we have a similar floor it seems?:):) I have 2 desktops next to each other so I get company now and then (my daughter)
Mine looks boring in comparison, just lots of bills laying around  -_-

Who else share their space?:
Syl´s gamer space:

Otherwize I havent been playing much the last days. RL has been kickin me and I even got a date(!) OMG… Well im not sure I should be dating anyone atm so I dunno what to do about it. Im afraid its a stupid idea as I have some problem to let go of the past…. I guess life has to go on, but Im not sure Im prepared to let it(?) Maybee I should live my life solely virtual… It feels safer, even among all those mobs.

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2 Responses to My Gamer Space

  1. j3w3l says:

    thanks for the plug – and my my little nest is a great reflection of me haha.I am kind of jealous of you people with your desk though =p

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