Lost in FFXIV

One of my biggest issues in FFXIV is to find my quests. I dunno but i just DONT UNDERSTAND the bl-dy map! D: So I run around the world getting one shooted by lvl35 mobs in obscure areas while trying to navigate. Lovely Pahja from my guild has helped a lot with collecting portals but I still dont get it :S
Im such a noob. Im sure NO ONE but me have ever had this problem in the game. Everything else is smooth so far and iv never had this map issue in any other game before… Maybee its because FFXIV seems to be built more like a lot of instances connected and not as a huge map? Im not used to that so may be the reason. Well Ill get there some day but i have to admit iv rage quitted due to this map issue quite a few times now :0)

I dunno much about fashion in FFXIV but so far im not impressed by the fashionista who created the conjurers quest gear. At lvl 5 I suddenly looked like a yellow easter chicken in a too big robe with huge clumsy mittens. So I screamed in horror in the guild chat and  the guilds hero appeared to aid me; Pahja Tayuun, who made me a white robe instead <3
Sorry to say now at lvl 9 (yes im slow…) I became The Tomato Mage instead -_-

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6 Responses to Lost in FFXIV

  1. Missy says:

    I promise,the outfits do get better haha.
    As for the quests, if click on the text on the side – the quest bar, it should tell you where the quest actually is, a map will pop up when clicking the text :)

  2. My hubby and I had the hardest time for the longest time figuring out the map. Though doing what Missy suggests helped a lot the more we did it and figured out that you could zoom in and see how maps connected by clicking on the red dot to the adjacent zone entrance. It’s a lot like having to open a map IRL and find the connection point and opening up a new map. A little convoluted but easier as you do it more. :)

    And I’m none-too-thrilled with the fashion, even at 30. Everything is so mismatched! But I hear at 50 and 60 they get better, and at 50 you can… glamour? Is that what they call costuming in FFXIV?

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