Me Myself and Xanni

This isnt a morphing, I hate morphs, they are creepy. I took this pic today and merged it with my virtual me because I was bored and had nothing to do in ArcheAge as I was out of labor as usual. I´v only cut the pictures and put them together, no more editing.

Its true (for me at least) that after a while you sort of melt together with your avatar. She has become as dysfunctional as I feel sometimes in real life. But she can also do a lot of fun stuff I cant do in Real Life. And thats why we are here I guess.

I become more and more of a healer and support in ArcheAge and less a killer. As I am more of a support person in real life. To be a healer in ArcheAge is a bit of a challenge and we are bullied because there are not many drops for us in instances atm. Like zero drops more or less… But I go with the flow and do what is enjoying me at the moment. Tomorrow I may be something else, who knows?

Do you dare to split your virtual personality with your real one and share it with us? :)


About Xannziee

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4 Responses to Me Myself and Xanni

  1. SunnyBunny says:

    Very cool idea. I may give it a try

  2. Sagi says:

    I agree with Bunny. Really cool! :D

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