Mind Shriven

With its equine psyche stolen by Daedric magic, the mind-shriven horse is a docile yet terrifying mount”

I have been longing to get the new mount in ESO and yesterday I got it. Its released with the new Imperial City Patch. Its totally amazing and I love it. I couldnt even log out and play FFXIV yesterday cos i had to marvel at my horse all evening:):) He is black, skinny and sparkly.

He reminds me of the real life black race horse i bought from the race course when he was 3 years old. That was many years ago now but I still miss him. Biggest difference in looks is that this one has lightning all around him too and that look fits my sorceress like a glove. When she has Mages light activated her eyes glows like the horse eyes and Overload make her sparkle too *_* ArcheAge has the flying white pegasus but that 1 comes out second in comparison, hands down.

Not cheap, but the company has to live and it´s a vanity item so ppl dont have to buy it. Its optional so dont complain. There are cheap horses to buy in game for gold. Elder Scrolls Online is a buy to play game and we have to allow the company to earn money in other ways than subscriptions. That way we all will get a better game in the end.

The Imperial City update came with a lot of skill changes so we all got to reset our points. I didnt see any difference personally tho my char is magic and maybee not affected as much as stamina based builds,… Anyho I can run around alone with her in delves and questing without pets and she just nukes everything while staying alive. And heals ppl at the same time. I love this mix of healing and dps <3

I learned a lot from my former mentor about how to run a sorceress but I still have a lot to learn and i miss him a lot ;(

“The Mind-Shriven Horse is a gray Soul Shriven horse with wispy blue veins. It is available from the Crown Store for 2,200 , and was released alongside the Imperial City DLC. Its default name is “Voidwatcher”.”

Credits: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Mounts

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2 Responses to Mind Shriven

  1. Missy says:

    Woah, such an awesome mount!!! I’d pay for it..

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