I love Rift but…

….sometimes the servers are down and then I have to play Defiance instead *sob* Its a hard life with grumpy old men bullying me 24/7. I get all dizzy..

I amused myself the other day by making different toons. The dark mysterious lady:
I liked her but didnt feel at home with her at all so I deleted her. I dunno why the char is so important. But Id rather run around like a fox than as a human I dont connect with. Then I created “the mean” and the bimbo:
Ok im blonde irl but that one was too much even for me. And the “mean” was just too mean :O) So I went back to my red head. 

Otherwise Rift has been totally awesum the last days. I had a blast this tuesday running around rift hunts with the guild. After that me and Tanivia did some warfronts and she got highest heal on 1 of them! Totally amazing, grats Tani <3 Monday I had a blast with Zamina and Zhasrani when we went to Sanctum and killed 20 guards. For the guild quest only ofc. We had NEVER done it otherwise ^^ (And I do connect with my purple Bahmi :):)
OK sorry, so now they DO know  ;)


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4 Responses to I love Rift but…

  1. How is Defiance? I am tempted to play it ever since I heard of its symbiotic connection with the TV show.

    • Xannziee says:

      I cant really tell yet as im not far enough in the game. It may be too much realism for me, i like a fairytale environment more i think but time will tell. But do try! Its ftp :)

  2. Khortish says:

    The blue-haired ‘asian’-looking profile actually looks pretty decent, although the red spot on her chin kind of makes her chin a lot more pronounced.
    The blonde char looks almost like Angelina Jolie when she’s wearing her blonde wig in SALT (movie). http://i.imgur.com/oCaERw3.jpg

    • Xannziee says:

      Ye i like the asian too, I tried to get used to her but couldnt strange enough. aa true about Angelina, extraordinary similarity! And I havent even seen that movie lol lol! I guess im not enough Angelina Joliish either xD

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