Me and Molag Bal

The Iron Dagger

 Minor spoilers for the Elder Scrolls Online main story below.

I’ll say this much for TESO – call it a themepark, but it’s got the most vein-pumping, tooth-and-nail story bossfights I’ve encountered in any MMO. Tank and spank is so last decade. How about furious kiting, turning on adds for frantic self-heals, and Unreal Tournament-like spindodging and LoS-breaking?

That pretty much sums up my final showdown with Molag Bal. Uninspired QTE-style elements and scripted ‘heroic execution’ moments aside, that fight has to rank among the best I’ve had in an MMO for excitement alone. Not to mention doing battle in that sweet, sweet divine armor… (Please make it available as a cosmetic!)

Violette Vienele vs Molag Bal

But even before old Tamrielic Diablo Stone-Fire up there, I had gotten gobsmacked with my fair share of these. Septima Tharn and her Mongolian horde tactics (I actually caved and called for help on that one, in…

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