I reached Level 60 and I feel lost

Early morning I was killing monsters in The Dendrome when I suddenly hit level 60. im sure you recognize the feeling when u have reached a goal and instead of feeling content  you feel empty? Like “what  now? I know everyone says end game is when the game starts but that is not my feeling right now.

Of course im happy and thankful I got so many lovely friends <3 and to The Rift who has given me this experience, i wouldnt wanna be without it, never! My blog friends Missmojo, Jaedia, Simsha and Tenderleaf, thank you for being there <3 And thanks to the guild who has helped and supported me.

Special thanks to Hugobert, Spate and Tera for your gifts and who helped me reach my goal a bit earlier than I thought was possible. And Jacques, Yarissa and Radly who never gave up on me, determined I was going to raid wif them. I had no chanse to resist :):) Ye im slow and need a kick, i know that ;) And thank you Rift for all lovely places iv seen on the way (click for bigger):
all the heroes iv met:
All beautyful rifts:
and my own healing chick! :D:D
HealingChick2014-04-17_171205 kopiera
These were some of the pics I was going to submit to the guilds Screenshot competition but as the guild split I didnt get the chance so I show them to you here instead :)
So here goes, lvl 60 and what now? But Rift is all about friends and doing things together so I have a feeling I will come up with something <3

I had planned to stop blogging after I reached my goal so maybee this is my last posting *waves* thank u all for following this blog <3


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6 Responses to I reached Level 60 and I feel lost

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    CONGRATULATIONS :) yaaay, love the screens :)

  2. tenderleaf says:

    Congratulations, and I know the feeling that is how I ended up with 7 lvl 90’s in wow I just kept re rolling. You have loads of friends in game who I am certain will point you in the right direction if you get lost. Enjoy 60 you worked hard to get there.

  3. Jaedia says:

    Congratulations but nooooo you can’t stop blogging!! *grabs you* Type, lady!!

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