For the Covenant!

“I died, but that was only the beginning ….
I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity. I need to find a weapon. There are a number of racks nearby. I should have plenty of options.” ~ ESO Wiki

This monday Lyris found a dark, pale eyed Dunmer in a cell in The Wailing prison in Coldharbor. First thing he said was “For the Covenant” when he woke up. Strange, as he obviously is a Dunmer? But he has lost both his soul and his memory so until he can recall what he´s been up to before the prison we can be fairly sure he was living in Daggerfall Covenant somewhere…

He also has a strange accent, sounding like a mix of cockney and south African english. But he is quite chatty and social, not at all introvert and cold like Dunmers have a reputation to be. Not very “dunmerish” at all quite frankly. He seems all cheerful, flirtatious and happy going. Anyho (or maybee that´s why? ;) Lyris took him under her wings and fast enough he got out of his prison.

He was a bit confused in the beginning, starting fires all around Cold Harbor. So she gave him a suitable nickname (“The Fire fighter”, but in Swedish ;) I guess you know by now he is a Dragonknight and a Fire Mage >.>

Eventually he ended up in Glenumbra, got a shower, some armor and voila, not bad! :D
In the pics above he is celebrating his freedom with a glass of wine outside the crafting
station along with his “good for nothing” but cute pet, Birdie Nam Nam. I suspect one of his goals is to be tanking in endgame but that is far far away at his present level (7ish). Although u have to have something to strive for. Im suspect he will mess up major but as he is member of the nicest guild around, Swedish Legion, im sure they are “dying” to play dungeon with him ;)

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  1. Cockney & Sth African English hmmmmmm… that me? lol :D

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