The curse of the gaming backlog

I use the comment I made in JVT Workshop as im lazy:
Right on spot! I have been thinking a lot about this lately as I see my guild friends jump from game to game in an endless loop. The more they jump the less satisfied they seem to get and it gets harder and harder to get that “fix” from a game.

So I stay in The Rift. I got ESO as Bday gift and that was an eye opener. I realise there was no point in playing it until i felt “finished” with The Rift and im far from. So far I have only played these 2 game and I will try to avoid becoming a “game jumper”. GW2 had a 50% sale some weeks ago and I was tempted. But after the ESO issue I realised i wont have time as I want to play Rift so I never bought it. And Im glad! As u say even if it was sale its still a loss if i never play it. Im a bit addicted to my guild so I guess Ill follow the stream. If the majority change to another game i can live with, fine.
How about your backlog? :):)



Chances are if you’re reading this article you are an avid and active gamer but take a second and think, how many games do you own?

Now you have a rough figure, think some more…how many of those games have you seen the end of?

If those two numbers are not the same i’m afraid you have fallen into the trap that all gamer’s do; you have accumulated a gaming backlog. However fear not for you are not alone! According to Valve 37% of games bought on steam have NEVER been loaded let alone completed.

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3 Responses to The curse of the gaming backlog

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  2. Jaedia says:

    I’m a bit iffy on the term “game jumper”. :) Personally, I like variety. If I get bored playing a game, I’ll play something else in the same way that I won’t just watch ONE tv series, or read ONE book series. So I like to try these other games.

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