Picked up in ArcheAge

So after more than 5 hours queu this friday I logged in to ArcheAge to see to my garden and do some hardcore ( as if…) leveling. But the gods always have something else in mind for me it seems.
Before I even had a chance to look at the map I was picked up by a man. He tried to impress me by his shining armor and biceps… I gave him a cold shoulder of course. But he was persistent!
So suddenly I sat in one of the gondolas that hovers around Marianopolis with him. I placed myself as far as possible from him. U can never be too careful in ArcheAge…
But then he treated me with some dinner so I melted completely <3 Ok just cheese, wine and some bread but you cant be too picky ^^ In the end we were dancing on the table, it was loads of fun:):)
But he had something else up his sleeve… Not what u think tho ;) We spent the rest of the evening/night together and somehow he managed to force me to level from 25-28 those hours O.o  I dunno how he did it but he carried me around to different quests and I only died when he was afkish :O)
Thank u sweetheart, what would I do without you? <3



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