Crocodile Fever

Yesterday, in my first pvp game for the day, a member in my team had a little baby croc. I got envious because it was supercute and I wanted it as I also have a biggie croc mount. (They say the croc mount will be possible to upgrade so it can swim when Rift 3.0 hits us with Nightmare Tide!) Little croc is not possible to buy in store tho :(

Some hours later Riothechicken in my guild asked if someone wanted a little croc companion! OMG! YES!!! YES YES YES! I shouted, and I got it!!! Thanks sweetest Rio :`) My daughter saw it and it became a big “awww moment” and too late I understood THIS WILL COST ME! D:

So of course I ended up spending money on a black panter mount and a little panther companion for her (so they matched each other). Jeeez this “free” croc companion became expensive! But cute it is :P

And as I already had money I bought a new skin for my Raptor “Pepparkakan”. She wanted to be pretty too:

As Iv started to use my ranger soul more and more in pvp now that more of my ranger abilities has become instant “Pepparkakan”, the raptor, convinced me she needed an upgrade :D

And above all, I was going to take a short break in my patron subscription but Trion was faster than me so before I had a chance to say “Crocodile” they had put me on a 3 month sub again *lol* Well nps as I have to be prepared for 3.0. And as this summer is raining away we must have something to do, dont we? :):)

….and my son hasnt discovered all this spending yet….huh huh… >.>

So hasta la vista wallet! ;(


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4 Responses to Crocodile Fever

  1. Glad to be of help…or not after reading that! Don’t forget..heal me…ignore the rest :)

    • Xannziee says:

      Haha I will! But im confused about which time the hunt starts??
      Im totally excited about my little croc, so it was worth all extra expenses:):) Today is our first summerday it has been cold and rainy 2 weeks now so kids ate worth a little extra too <3

      • It seems it’s whenever there are people ready to go…I’ll be on (and available to go hunting) anytime later this afternoon/evening. I won’t buy any lures just yet (no point duplicating, but there are 10 basic hunts I have left to do, so if needs be I’ll buy those. 50k planarite, but I got that yesterday easily. The Swarm in Dendrome is very very good for planarite farming. 20k+ each time :)

        • Xannziee says:

          Oh I should have joined you in Dendrome instead of boring fishing >.<

          Ok I join u this evening then. Iv done the basics but Its fun anyho :)

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