ArcheAge f2p today

Today tuesday ArcheAge will go Free To Play and Im afraid you will need some patience to stand in queu… Even tho Trion has opened new servers yesterday they filled up asap. I could actually play a little this monday as I had a day off work . The servers wasnt that strained, early morning at least ;)
So I managed to level a bit and got myself a wolf! A “battle pet” <3 He grew fast:
So i feel a bit more at home now as im used to have a pet in Rift. I know a lot of ppl dont like having them but I love the company :):) Here is my Rift wolf:
Good luck to you all who will join us in ArcheAge today. Remember, it has to be some queues as the game is just released. These servers cant easily be merged later as we all build in world and not in instances. So we have to live with it im afraid but it will be great when stabilized im sure. Its a lot worse if they start too many servers and later on they will be half empty… So dont sweat if u dont get land asap, ppl will move on and in a month there will be some land available again im sure :)

I just got DCed 3 times when I was waiting to join a dungeon so I gave up and wrote this posting instead. I can at least try to make something good out of something bad:):)

Stay alive!

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2 Responses to ArcheAge f2p today

  1. Azzura says:

    Are you a Gatherer/Crafter normally? Just wondering how fun that part is…I popped into beta only to find I could only hit maybe 8 ore nodes and then I had to wait 5 minutes to hit another 1 time (Labor Points)….it really turned me off of playing and I logged out. I LOVE to spend my time exploring and gathering in my games!

    • Xannziee says:

      Im patron so i havent a clue how it is for non-patrons. Iv mined a lot with no problems but u need to build up some LP first. Join a guild so u can use someones bed to build lp or use a inn :)

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