Friends and battle pets in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (BDO) is a game you can play single if you want to. A lot of ppl do. I do play a lot of my own too but as soon as I see a friend online I try to meet up. Like with JornTheMad (Ceriam in BDO) I met in ESO and whom I also played in ArcheAge with. This saturday I lured him on a wild goosechase to search for a house on a mountain, which was really pretty. It had a open fireplace too *_* And a sheperd too..

But when I was going to show Jorn the place I didnt find it ofc so we ended up in a lake outside Heidel instead.
Watch out when swimming, you will die after a while even if you have your head over the surface. So after a short swim we went home to cuddle my fearsome battlepet:
Imagine my gruesome watchdog in PVP :0)
But she seemed to like Jorn (who is a softie it seems!) so he didnt have anything to fear. So well thats what i did this saturday except some AFK fishing. And we killed some mobs so im lvl 18 now, woho(?!) Lucky me I have my workers working for me, slacker me :S

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