There is No Resurrection in Real Life

I got a telephone call my father was about to die, and symbolically I died in game as I went blank for a while. My guild isnt used to me dying in the Library, as im a healer, so my group were baffled. I didnt have the stamina to explain to them at that moment so I blamed a RL friend calling me *she never stop talking*.

But I got resurrection, he didnt. He died tonight. Even If the relation wasnt of the close kind he was the reason for my and my childrens existence. So he was kind of important to me anyho.

I dont want you to feel sorry for me, this is life and he was not young at least. Just so u know I might be slightly off balance for a while. Last 2 years has been too many deaths in my family and among my friends and loved ones. I want it to stop, I need some light in my life now.

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6 Responses to There is No Resurrection in Real Life

  1. Compwhiz 3001 says:

    So sorry to hear. Everyone grieves in their own ways; I found the MMO to be a good release at the end of trying days, when played moderately. Playing WoW for a few hours nightly helped me to pause and relax after my dad passed away.

  2. Rowan says:

    One never knows quite what to say at times like this. May you find solace with your loved ones and friends.

  3. My condolences Xan, hard to imagine the emotions you are going through considering your relationship with your father, it can be extremely difficult with so many questions & thoughts running through your mind.

    My thoughts are with you & your famly & theres an ear here if needed.

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