A nekkid man on a squirrel

NBI Blogger is a great initiative but I dont feel I belong as I dont take my blogging serious enough. Recently they wanted their members to write their worst – or a “not so good” article and then publish it.

I immediately felt thats what Im doing everytime I blog, doing my worst D: Im not a grandiloquent blogger spreading awesomesauze words all over the place. This is just my playground. A place to kill time and show off some silly pictures of me and my virtual friends and other random people:
Like this pic, why is a half nekkid man with a pumpkin on his head riding a squirrel? Where is he going and why? I dont know but its interesting and I needed a picture. Tho it prolly suck as a blog post.

I never get any “writers block” because if i dont feel like blogging I just skip it. I only have 2 rules and they are: write short and always have a picture.

I only have a few followers and im always surprised when someone decides to kill time reading my stuff. English is not even my first language so its all pretty horrible.

So thanks a lot my faithful readers I do appreciate you. I dont have any hopes of ever getting any more of you but every follower is a great surprise to me and a treasure <3 :)

Credits; http://trredskies.com/nbi-writers-block/
And Missy: http://www.missysmojo.net/?p=2379



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11 Responses to A nekkid man on a squirrel

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    I find ur post entertaining and espially a naked man on a squirrel lol. And u think ur blogging for the right reasons really :) and i can understand you just fine.

    Just make the nbi to what you want. Im using it to find fun blogs to read and make friends.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank u thats a relief, u understand me ;) maybee i should write in swedish instead and leave the translation to google? :):)

      • Miss Mojo says:

        Hehe well I think people would be to lazy to googletranslate it, but they would get some funny sentences im sure as googletranslate sais some wierd things!

      • Simcha says:

        Not the google translate! I struggle to understand the translation :o and I love your blog.

        the idea of NBI is not to turn you into a serious blogger but a way of meeting others with similar interest and to give encouragement and help if wanted.

        You blog however you want and we’ll enjoy it!

  2. tenderleaf says:

    I enjoy reading your blog :) but would hate to think what google translate would throw up if i had to use that lol.

  3. j3w3l says:

    your doing perfectly and treating it as your virtual playground is the onyl way I think people should do it.

    Nice squirrel too haha

  4. Doone says:

    I just came here to say that epic articles about nudists mounting squirrels meets the grandiloquence and awesomezaucery we require of our participants. This blog is the champaign fountain of awesome. Thank you for your unmatched contributions to the betterment of bloggers! ;P

    As others have noted, the NBI is about community. It’s not about how serious your writing is or not – just about having a network of fellow bloggers to keep things interesting and support one another :)

    • Xannziee says:

      I feel im swimming in a puddle of words, fighting for my life to get my chin over the water surface, after indulging in your grandiose comment. Thanks a lot, you made my day :D:D

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