The Wild Goose Chase – Speed Leveling

I feel sorry for people who feel pressure to level fast, because they miss out a lot. We are all different and maybee the speed is what makes them feel good about themselves. But I have noticed that speed leveling ppl often quit playing quite fast and move to other games. They often leave in a grumpy and dissatisfied mood, critizising the game and they call us who stay fanboys or fangirls. Maybee some gets stressed out by all new titles and stuff. They feel they have to try it all….

But will the person who has played through all titles possible be happier than the rest of us? Or does it make them more frustrated? The never ending search for the perfect mmo/game. Isnt it just a wild goose chase?

I can only think of one reason to speed level and that is if iv played through the game before, recently, and just want to level a different character…

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