Just Do It

My son has always loved Skyrim and he started playing ESO in BETA. But he got tired of it as he is only into pvp and the amount of champion points some players had in low lvl pvp made it quite hard and especially all ganking from nightblades. He tried IC but gave up and quit. He is playing CS on a competitive level now instead.

So his poor dominion DK (magicka) was left at lvl 36 and I thought why not get it to lvl 50 at least! He has to get his soul back…. So I crafted some training gear and started to level this guy and his monkey the other day. It was quite hard in the beginning to start a DK at lvl 36 as iv never played this build before. But I got used to it and he soon hits lvl 41 now and im adamant to get him to Molag Bal.

I hope my son will return one day and play again. Until then I may try to make a tank of him. If i dare… but I may not >.>

Link: https://xannziee.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/the-nord-who-became-a-high-elf/

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