The Dragonknight

My first character in #ESO back in april 2014 was a Dragonknight. But I stopped playing after only about 3 weeks and havent played that role since. The other day I created one again and here he is. Not especially serious when it comes to battle it seems. Look at him, checking out the ladies:
As a lot of my male friends have female chars so i thought its a good thing to balance all the chicks with a gorgeousesauze man ;)

Then I remembered that my son (who started to play in BETA) has an account and his main is a lvl 37 DK (lazy him ;). Son has taken a long break from gaming so I can maybee ask him if I can use his char and level it up to 50 at least. That way he might be interested to play again one day. A win win, i can try DK and he gets his char up for free. Then my newly created newbie male can continue chasing women instead of hunting mobs :D The biggest problem is that his char is yellow ….. :S


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