The Fire Mage is on Fire

My son created this macho beer drinking dragonknight in ESO long time ago (he played a nightblade in Beta) and I have more or less used his last setup as I started playing it at lvl 36. In the beginning I was a bit unsure of myself and all (for me) new abilities. I was used to play a healer templar so I might have been too defensive in my playstyle. I needed someone to kick my ass!

When I reached the Molag Grunda quest in Cold Harbor I was a bit stressed due to RL so I hurried around the zone. That made me play extremely offensive and suddenly the build started to work for me and I got the flow. The char was lvl 43, ordinary gear and the mobs were 48 and 3-4 at a time but he chewed them down like a lawn mower.
Or was it me? I played him like i played my Hexblade in ArcheAge, not a defensive healer/support. It was like taking a cold shower and I felt refreshed afterwards and a bit high. Its remarkable how easy it is to get stuck in a role, both in game and in real life. We need to constantly question our roles and break free from unnecessary bonds we place on ourselves.

I admit, later on I got into some troubles with those lvl 49 harvesters though… >.<

This was excessively profound, I know. :S

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2 Responses to The Fire Mage is on Fire

  1. coppertopper says:

    Curious what weapon setup/ spec/abilities you are using. I am levelling a DK as a tank spec and it’s fun but not having the success you are. DK’s are a blast though – literally at times.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thanks for asking! I dont know which level you are but DKs are a bit difficult to play before lvl 30ish they say. I started playing this at lvl 36 so I cant say but thats what i heard. Im flattered but this build is far from cookie cutter im afraid. Its not optimised for Dark Brotherhood patch either and some abilities are mostly pvp as my son favoured that. I only changed it slightly. But its working for leveling! ofc this is not optimal in endgame but at this lvl its fine for me:

      Bar 1
      1 hand/shield
      Invasion (1 hand/shield ability)
      flame lash
      Burning Talons
      Burning embers (dot)
      Structured Entropy (mages guild)

      Ulti: Ferocious leap

      bar 2
      destro staf
      Destructive reach
      dragon fire scale (reflects)
      Igneous Shield
      Green dragon Blood
      Structured entropy (mages guild)

      ulti: shifting standard

      Attribute points: it has 10 in health and the rest magicka. All gear is training blue or purple (for fast leveling) and I use some stamina enchantments even though its mostly magicka. But I dodge roll and block a lot as its 1 hand shield/destro staf build U have to renew dots all the time and work with shields. Then mix ranged and melee to survive and also heavy and light attacks in between spells. Interrupt a lot and set off balance is important before use flame lash. I use 5 pieces light armor, 1 heavy and 1 medium. :D

      Mundus Atronack for the resourses
      Race High Elf

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