The Nord who became a High Elf

My teen son started play TESOTU (Elderscrolls Online) in beta early 2014 and played for a while at the launch as I did. (we both used my account back then). But we quit as the game was a bit “unforgiving” at the start and moved on. But our characters remained :) My son had a Nord character, a Dragon Knight at level 7 when he quit.

Some weeks ago we both started to play the game again when it became “buy to play” and now we are stuck. So he decided to buy the game himself but problem was that if we were to play together he had to make an elf(!) as I was in the Aldmeri Dominion and he couldnt move the character he had on Ebonheart Pact (now level 19!). And he was really fond of his char…Gah! So he had to level a new char but he wanted to keep the looks.

Ok it is possible to buy the Explorer extension and place any new char u create freely on any faction, but he decided not to. So is it possible to make a High Elf look like a Nord? :S See for yourself, did he succeed? Pic above is his old Nord and this is his new, an Elf:
This char is a High Elf Dragon Knight and level 14 as i write this. It took him 1 day to reach to this level…. and that is fast in my opinion.  At least if you are new to the game. Eso is easier now than at launch, but still slower to level than Rift or ArcheAge imo. But he is eager to level up as he loves the pvp in this game, alas the power leveling. When u reach level 15 u can have 2 action bars and switch between them, and that makes it a lot easier…

Short about alliances and races: In Elderscrolls Online there are 3 factions the Ebonheart Pact lead bt Jorvunn the Skald King,  the Daggerfall Covvenant lead by High King Emeric and last but not least the Aldmeri Dominion lead by Quenn Arayne. The Ebonheart Pact consists of Dunmer (Dark Elves), Nords and Argonians the Daggerfall Covenant consists of Orcs, Redguards and Bretons and the Aldmeri Dominion consists of Khajit, High Elves and Bosmer (Wood Elves)

This was their epic trailer before launch last year:


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