Your True Self

So I was reading MMO gypsy again and this time about “on wearing masks” A quote from Oscar Wilde made me think:

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth

Well u see one of my best MMO friends in the picture above so u can understand my feelings? A vampire in a quite high vampire stage in Elder Scrolls Online D:

Tho this is the sweetest man (at least I thought so!;) who listen to my sorrows irl and have endless patience with my “snail questing”… But maybee he´s just waiting for the right moment to take a juicy bite of my neck? :S [edit: this is a joke ofc! He is amazing and havent got a bad bone in his body <3 ]

I took the bartles test about a year ago after doing warfronts in Rift (pvp) solely for months. Of course i came out as a “killer” in that test. But that wasnt the true me. Not irl and not online. It was just what I was at that point in my life and gaming. When i started playing ArcheAge I realised im as far from a “killer” u can be.

I would of course try to kill players in a warfront environment. But I would never kill a player who was farming or questing and didnt attack me first, never ever. But that didnt came out in that test, so its a flaw sort of. Im sure if i did the test again i would come out as socializer and explorer. Tho the page is so slow I cant reach it so I cant be bothered but after playing ArcheAge im very sure who I am and not:)

Im also sure that a lot of people who loves pvp just do it to let out some steam and relax for a while. Most of them surely are wonderful people in real life. But then there is trolls and hackers…. they are a different sort…

More about masks: I have touched the sky

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2 Responses to Your True Self

  1. Rowan says:

    Bartle meant for his categories to be fluid, more like moods, that of course may change from game to game and even session to session. The silly people who came up with the “Bartle Test”—without Bartle involved, I might add—were the ones who tried to solidify the Bartle-types into stone.

    But you and Oscar Wilde are right, I think that only with our most intimate companions can we be ourselves. For everyone else, all we have are masks—some truer than others.

    • Xannziee says:

      Yes i guess we have to be careful about those tests….
      I lost 1 of my most intimate compagnions and I have little hope to find one again. Its exhausting to wear the mask 24/7…

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