My Gamer DNA

 I got sort of surprised as I thought I would be more of a social person than explorer but I wasnt that surprised by #1= killer (lmao). Tho Imma nice “killer” I think and I never (almost ^^) get angry of other players when playing, only of myself. And I would never ever “gank” anyone either, im more a group player and not an open world lurker :):)
1 of my horrible “killer” alts last warfronts:
Remember, most important is not being high on the score board. What is important is that the team wins and iv seen team lose a fight even tho they made more damage than the other team. Its easy to forget the objectives and only focus on damage but we dont win that way…To left for example is how many time you picked up an object, carrying time and so forth and that is just as important or even more so than damage in the long run.
In this case #no 2 after me had less team kills and that shows he hasnt been in the wf as long as me so probably thats why i had more damage than him. Then of course the level helps. Brackets is for example 30-39 and if you are lower in that bracket you are a bit weaker both when it comes to abilities and armor. (I was lvl 31 at this point). And as Im support I need to focus on other stuff than damage too.

For example in Whitefall Steppes I often get low damage because I always tries to steal the artifact from the enemy so there is a lot of sneaking and less fighting. But thats the fun part of it, the maps are different with different objectives. I only wish there were more maps…

If you do the gamer test try to be as honest as possible. Its easy to con yourself and make a “better/nicer” profile but who benefits from that? Tho before I tried pvp in Rift I hadnt a clue i would like it this much so my score would have looked different back then… So remember you have to try everyting at least a couple of times before you say its not for you :)

Anyho this explains a lot. For example why i suck so bad in hoarding stuff ^^ We cant be good at everything can we? But I can maybee bodyguard my friends while they are hoarding? :P I think diversity is good and until now I have had bad conscience that i not hoard and craft enough but I guess I have to accept that is not my personality.

[Click the pics if you need to enlargen them]

Me vs Myself and I
Mabricks mumblings:


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