Reblogged: My 2016 Wishlist for Tamriel

Im looking forward to this a lot! Some of it are wishes but a lot of it is facts like Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild.  I share his wishes. Some short quotes:

Dark Brotherhood
“The Dark Brotherhood will no doubt also heavily feature quests, as you’ll be tasked to take down lots of people on your quest to be the best cold-blooded killer imaginable.”

Thieves Guild
“This one is tricky. With the addition of the Justice System this past year, the groundwork for the Thieves Guild in ESO has been laid”


Housing and Farmin
“Skyrim’s Housing DLC known as Hearthfire was one of the most unexpectedly awesome parts of Skyrim’s later patches. I want ESO’s housing, which we pray they’re working on, to be similar to this”

Read the whole article:


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4 Responses to Reblogged: My 2016 Wishlist for Tamriel

  1. Coppertopper says:

    Housing would be awesome if its built into the actual world somehow instead of the typical copout ‘portal to instanced housing’. If thats the plan at least make the portal an actual house entrance from certain towns in Tamriel itself. Happy for possible thieves guild/dark brotherhood stuff but sneaks have never been my playstyle. Really happy with ESO – Orsinium is fantastic DLC. Still though I’d say controller support was my favorite addition from 2015, with the justice system a close second!

    • Xannziee says:

      I agree but its not easy to implement housing in world maybee… would be nice though, if instanced, to have houses around friends and guild :D

      • coppertopper says:

        I actually followed the link to the article after reading your blog, and saw a couple suggestions for housing that would be a good compromise. Who knows – they have done well in making additions to this game so far. Guess will just cross fingers and hope for the best!

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