I`ll stay in ArcheAge

Im staying in ArcheAge and on the infamous server Kyprosa too. Despite the queues. I may change my mind later I dunno but this game is totally awesome, i love it. One of the reasons I cant move is the house in the picture above. I built it myself with some help from my friend who I also share it with and who helped me mine and chop some trees. It was hard work but when u see the house standing there its so worth it. And even more fun as I have built if from scratch so to speak. The crafting, harvesting and building in this game is totally amazing and very in dept. It feels very rewarding but its a lot of hard work too ofcourse. Our next goal is to craft a clipper.
The server Kyprosa has a heavy load but I have to live with that and adjust. Im sure in a couple of weeks it will calm down.
The main reason I moved to Kyprosa from Eanna which I joined in CB4 was that an old friend of mine (Adefagia from Rift) talked me into it. And now she is moving to another server due to queues!! D: (I have demanded she must visit me every week otherwise ill make an alt on her new server and gank her :P ).
Anyho I have a lot of friends on Kyprosa now and especially my bodyguard. Ya he has AWESOME biceps >.> … he claims he is so fit cos he is forced to save me from death 24/7   >:(
Yesterday I followed him to court as he had to see the judge of some reason… then he had to go to the prison…. He claims it was a quest but I dunno? Better not ask…
After that we got to meet the king and queen and the alliance between Nuians and elfs is now official. This was my last quest in the green quest line and I admit I feel a bit lost… But my garden and endless crafting will “save” me if nothing else comes up.
Yesterdays adventure was to swim from Solzreed to Cinderstone which was totally red (danger level 4 or 5)  where I got ganked by a lvl 50 cat(!) but I had loads of fun and I will be back! :D
So I admit im looking forward to reach lvl 50 and to be able to sail the seas with my friends and guild and kill some cats :P

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9 Responses to I`ll stay in ArcheAge

  1. John Ammon says:

    Hey, are you wearing a set of Dark Crawler armor? I’ve got the pants and boots to that set and I’d like to complete it.

    • Xannziee says:

      I dunno? Ill try to find out. And i just changed my outfit too. Will do an update any day :)

    • Xannziee says:

      I checked and the last i got is Red Sun Armor so I dont have the one in the pic, it might have been Dark Crawler, i dunno sorry :) I miss the hat in my new armor, that quite irritating :(:( Ill blog the new outfit this weekend I hope, tomorrow is another posting scheduled :P

  2. Jaedia says:

    I’m there tooo! :D

  3. what do you have against the poor cats??

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