Payback Norion!

It felt really good to start the new year with killing Norion again. Norion was my headache when I started ESO in April 2014. I gave up in the end. I was a nightblade and there was no way I could kill him alone at level 7 or 8. He killed me over and over and all my gold went down the drain in repair costs. I even left the game for a year, feeling totally useless :S So Norion has a lot to count for! After that they nerfed him a bit so he is a bit more easy going these days ^^

This time I met him as VR1 and just bashed his head in :D Well he was higher lvl too ofc as its veteran rank zone now. It felt really really nice, i wish it was a daily. Payback Norion!:)

Ds I dont want games too easy either. Biggest reason I didnt pursue ESO was that I was still stuck in Rift with a guild i enjoyed playing with. Even tho i immediately fell in love with ESO and its combat style and graphic I left it due to my friends. But now im back <3


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