Happy New Year – Molag Bal is Dead

Yesterday I started the long quest in Cold Harbour to get my soul back. Elderscrolls Online starts with you being in a prison without your soul. Molag Bal has snatched it from you. So this quest to claim my soul back has been going on for the last 50 levels…

The last quest before killing Molag begins in Cold harbour and the last part starts in The Harborage where I u get the solo quest to kill the Boss, Molag Bal.
In Coldharbour I got to choose a companion of three choises: 2 warrior types and Cadwell (voice by John Cleese). Of Course i chosed Cadwell :):) I thought ok he is not the combat type of guy and totally crazy but at least ill have fun until im dead:):)

But it all went peachy and after a hard choise (one of my companion had to die for me to be able to fight Molag Bal) i got a shining armor and went into his den.
ESO is full of such hard  choises where u have to chose if someone is going to die or not and likewise. So pay attention to the quest dialogue….
I continued to face the boss and he grabbed me and I thought im toast… fugly old man!
But I got the ability that forced him to let me down. The fight continued, with him a bit smaller, on the ground. Its more or less about staying out of the circles as usual and he was a bit too easy at Veteran rank 1. Yes he is nerfed as he was totally op in the beginning 2014 iv heard….. it took ages to kill him back then. So im sure you can kill him a lot earlier than me, its just that im not that fast….. level 48 must be ok im sure:)
In the end I cut off his arms with my special weapon:
But you cant kill a Daedric Prince u know…. anyhow he was gravely wounded so he had to let go of mine and a lot of others souls in the process
So now i haz a happy! My soul back before New Year! yay! I hope you will have a Happy New Year too <3

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