The Explorer

MMO Gypsy is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. I read everyting she writes, she is Amazing. One of her postings is about Explorers in Virtual Worlds. What she writes here is something to consider, quote:

“…. Maybe our world really is limited after all and bound to repeat itself; the experiences we make in life real and virtual follow the same circle. We grow only in perception; it is the lessons and wisdom we take with us that second, third and fourth time that make the difference.”

I Think I recognize myself in the description of an “Explorer”. This is problably partly why im so slow at leveling because there is so much to look at on the way to the next quest! So i often forget what i was supposed to do and wander off exploring instead >.>

As the sun shining through a window in Elder Scrolls Online, creating the beautyful shadows you see in the Picture above. I just have to be still for a while and enjoy it.

“What moves explorers? What lies at the bottom of their heart’s desire? Where do they find ultimate ingame satisfaction?”

Read on in MMO GYPSY:


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6 Responses to The Explorer

  1. Izlain says:

    Just so you know, Syl is definitely a female.

  2. Izlain says:

    It is awesome that there are so many female gamer/bloggers! For the longest time it felt like y’all were unicorns!

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