So what about Guild Wars 2? Atm I dont progress much. ESO is just so much more fun right now :S I like Guild Wars though. I even like the jumping puzzles :D I just think I have problems focusing on more than 1 MMO at a time. It seems most of my friends and blogging friends plays at least 2 or more mmo at the same time. HOW DO U MANAGE? I get fragmented O.o As I have a good friend in GW2 i want to play it!:`(

(pic; my “Dark Elf “Suvari  Elementalist in GW2 with her pet dragon)
What I dont like in GW2 is that the quests feels a bit too much like “farming”. And im severely burnt out when it comes to “farming” after playing ArcheAge almost a year >.< Its more like that in GW2 (ok im only lvl 15 so I cant tell if that changes further on in the game). In Elder Scrolls they dont say “kill 20 rats”.  its more like; “do this or that” and to “do that” I may be forced to kill some mobs to reach that place. or not. Its a huge difference for me and i also love the lore and story line in ESO. Even a lot of the side quests are exciting and interesting.

And in Guild Wars 2 I have too many abilities in my bar… Its like playing piano :S I cant interrupt and dodge via the mouse as im used to from ESO and I cant “zero in on/aim at” mobs the way i can in ESO. ESO is a mix of FPS and mmo ppl say but that is what i like about it. Iv never played any fps game and I dont think that would suit me either, but i like the combat style in ESO. And the graphic…..:
(pic; my ESO templar, speed leveling!;)
Guild Wars2 has an expansion up their sleeve that goes live in about 2-3 months but I dont think I will be near max level at that time sorry to say. As its a new game for me I think I need more time to immerse and I cant just speed level to 80. If i did im afraid i would end up hating the game….One of my friends will play it 110% when it goes live and it would have been fun to play it together but I just dont think its in my power to speed level a new game to level 80 in 2-3 months…. My level buddy is bullying me for being slow and because i call it “stress leveling” instead of “speed leveling”. So i got angry at him and leveled 3 levels in about 2 hours yesterday (ESO). Just because ;)

So im fairly sure that when i have played Elder Scrolls Online until that level when its just about farming champion points, i might focus more on GW2. But until then, I suspect, I will spend most of my time in Elder Scrolls online. But if they (after Imperial City in august) will continue publishing new content at the rate they have promised, I might stay forever :)


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